Unit 5 – Evaluating search results

Chosen web resource http://www.zoo.org.au/healesville/animals/platypus

Using Ergo as my “crap detection” tool, I am able to establish:

  • this is a reliable resource as it is a public organisation site (statutory authority, in this case).  This is known from the org.au in the address.   The site is Healesville Sanctuary, which is part of Zoos Victoria, a very reputable organisation.
  • The Contact Us link allows you to get in touch the the organisation about the information displayed on the website.  There is also an extensive “About us” section.
  • The purpose of the site is according to their mission statement to ” galvanise communities to commit to the conservation of wildlife and wild places. We will achieve this by connecting people and wildlife in providing wildlife encounters, communicating and demonstrating conservation and research and motivating participation and leading to conservation and sustainability outcomes.
  • It is a very well designed site.  It covers the three zoos that belong to Zoos Victoria. From the Home page you can select which of the three zoos you with to investigate.
  • The only date I could find was 2011 on the “Act Wild” link, other than on the News page which was as current as 31st May.  All the links appear to work.

I went about evaluating this source by investigating the webpage and checking all of the links attached to the About us and, Contact us, and applying the criteria on the Ergo evaluate websites page.  After using Ergo I applied the 5Ws criteria which was more thorough in its evaluation, but depending on the website you may not need to be as thorough.  As the site I’ve chosen is a statutory body, the information provided it most likely to be accurate.  However, this may not be the case with many others, and it may be necessary the evaluate them using more than one “crap detection” tool.

This process could be used with students in teaching them that not everything they find on the web is accurate and to be believed.  By asking them the evaluate a mix of trusted and hoax websites they will learn not to believe everything they read and that you need to check that the source of the information being provided is to be validated before being trusted.

Using Tags

The adding of tags to my blog posts and Evernote is really simple and makes finding information very easy.  Without tags it would be very difficult to locate quickly much of the information I have stored into Evernote.   I didn’t have tags on my blog posts but have gone back and added some.


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