Unit 4 – Free Tools (Evernote)

2. Terms of Service page and the Privacy policy page for Evernote were quite easy to locate. Both documents are very, very, lengthy and I did not read either in full. The language is clear and simple enough to understand, but after reading several paragraphs you switch off and don’t really absorb all that you’re reading. I signed up without reading the whole document ie; Terms of Service and Privacy policy. I was a little surprised to see in the Terms of Service a section titled “Are there countries where I’m not allowed to use Evernote?”

3. Now explore whether your chosen service has a way to back up or export your data. (You might find these options by logging in and looking for a Settings or Account menu.) Does it seem like an easy process?
I cannot find any information about “back-up” or ‘exporting my data” other than general information saying that data is stored on servers in the US. I’ve logged into my account and checked the settings, but nothing. I located information on “Back-up” by searching Help. This opened The Evernote Knowledge Base which contained quite detailed information on how to Back -up and restore data under Windows. Its laid out in steps and seems to be fairly clear and easy to follow but the notes say it is fairly complex and link is provided to the Support Team should you need help.

4. How easy is it to close down or delete your account? (Don’t go deleting it, just see if you can find the option or details of the account closure process.)
This seems very easy. Just need to login and click “Deactivate account” from Settings. Evernote suggest you select all the notes and empty into the Trash. Then empty Trash. You can also remove email by changing it in the Settings before you deactivate account.
Do you think you’d be happy recommending that other people sign up for the service?
I would be quite happy to recommend this service. The information you provide them only needs to consist of an email address. They are very open and clear about what you can and cannot do, provide video tutorials and many guides and searchable help topics.
I found navigating the Evernote site looking for the information to include in this post quite easy to navigate. It was well layed out, the Help did actually help, which isn’t always true.


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