Unit 3 – Reflection

Unit 3 – Google+
Had a look at Google+ and have set up profile, like the idea of being able to interact with different circles. Don’t know that I would use it much as presently none of my contacts are listed.

Write your reflections on the idea of online professional communities. What role might they play in education – for you? And tell us a little about how you find the tools we suggest.
I’m only involved in one on-going professional community and they have contact through monthly meeting and email. I could see Google+ being an alternative for this group, especially with the hangout feature. They have set up a wiki page and the parent organisation has a facebook page. My current group does not currently play a major role in education other than provide me with professional development. I like the idea of Schools having a facebook page so that the wider community along with parents and students can interact with whats happening within the school community. It also gives the school a place to provide parents with notices of events happening within the school, as an alternative to sending notices home with students, as they don’t always arrive.
As I stated previously, Twitter I won’t use but it was interesting to learn how it works. I only opened a Facebook account just over 12 months ago, as I didn’t see any use for it. But when my daughter was transferred to WA, she suggested it as another way to keep in touch. I now use to keep in contact with all my family. As I have it synced with my phone I know when family is posting to this communication medium. It keeps me in touch better than email or telephone. Photos can be shared more easily than trying to attach large files to email that generally get blocked. As well as being able to view postings almost immediately.
Have you used Twitter or facebook before? Twitter no, Facebook yes.
Did one or the other appeal to you? Twitter – never. Facebook – not until fairly recently. Do you have objections or are they blocked in your school? I don’t have any objections for these tools to be used within the learning environment, but they need to be monitored.
What scope can you see for tools like these in collaborating or communicating with colleagues?
Twitter is great for keeping colleagues informed of what your up to and links that are of interest to the like minded. Facebook is good for general communication and information distribution.


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