Unit 2 – Reflection (the end)

I love Evernote, I find it very much like Pinterest which I use for more recreational scrapbooking of websites, pictures and the like.
Evernote was very easy to use and the session you gave at the State Library also helped. I can see me using Evernote for storing information in the future. Though I did have problems with the Web clipper and am still not all that sure how to use it. Again I think this is due to me not being aware as to which browser I am in at any given point of time.
What are your current techniques for keeping your work organised, keeping track of resources and sharing these resources with others??
I currently save weblinks into “My favourites” and nothing else gets saved. I don’t have a great need to save many “link”, pictures, information as it is not required in my current role.
How do you imagine the tools covered in this unit will change your workflow?
The tools I’ve learned about in this unit will enable me to now have a “digital shoebox’ in which to save anything I think may be of use to me both in my worklife and my private life. This will allow me to create a knowledge centre that I can take with me wherever I may be.
Is teaching workflow and organisation techniques to students an important task??
Yes it is important to teach workflow and organisation techniques to not just students but everyone. It allows you to be able to store and locate information, for a time when it will be of the most use to you. Allowing for better organisation of your work, and access to more references than you may otherwise have had time to source, if not already stored.
What have you noticed about the workflow and organisational strategies of students?
I don’t have anything to do with students work or organisational strategies so I am not in a position to comment.
How have digital technologies and internet access changed the way we organise ourselves?
Without knowledge of sites that allow us to store information we are no better off. However once you do have this knowledge you are able to store a wealth of information with easy recall in an organised fashion.
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One thought on “Unit 2 – Reflection (the end)

  1. Love the idea of Evernote being our digital shoebox, but hopefully it will keep things a bit better organised with the Notebook function. =)
    Knowing how to use the tools well, as you mentioned, really makes a difference. Bookmarks can be squirreled away but with a bit of help from these tools one can actually keep them in categories, tag them and find them again.
    Good work!
    (PLN Team Member)

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